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  • Avoid the price war, win through customer experienceAvoid the price war, win through customer experience
    What is better than insight on how John Lewis makes their customer experience their competitive differentiator?

    Insight on how Argos, supermarkets and fast-food restaurants have done it too!

    Revealing the key strategies top retailers have executed to increase revenue, demystifying the common myths that surround achieving a better customer experience in your industry, and providing you with the insider knowledge you need to ensure your company has a profitable 2015, this article is not to be missed by the forward-thinking Heads of Customer Experience, Loyalty and Insight.

  • How To Build A Connected Customer Experience How To Build A Connected Customer Experience
    Providing a great customer experience is the only way retailers can ensure longevity, loyalty and profit. The retail industry has quickly moved past purely focusing on the traditional in-store customer experience and has redefined itself to include digital, online and social platforms. The modern consumer is more active, more knowledgeable and increasingly fickle with regards to where they choose to shop. One negative experience can be the difference between your company securing a customer’s lifetime value and a competitor stealing your revenue. How do you make sure you give your customer no choice but to remain loyal? How do you attract new customers that will stay once the honeymoon period wears off? Most importantly, how can you ensure your customer experience is connected and optimised across platforms?  

    Providing insight on the journey to achieving a connected customer experience on a digital platform, Customer Management IQ speaks to Daniel Curzon, Head of Customer Experience at an award-winning digital retailer, Shop Direct. 

  • The next step in your social media campaign: Further insights to maximise revenueThe next step in your social media campaign: Further insights to maximise revenue
    Consumer demands are changing rapidly. Part of delivering a seamless omnichannel customer experience over multiple devices means giving customers the ability to interact with your brand, and complete transactions, on their own terms. Staying one step ahead so that you can meet their expectations at just the right time, is an ongoing challenge.
    Discussing how to analyse the data collected from social media and which platform is right for your company, Customer Management IQ finds out how you can optimise social media to increase revenue and stay ahead of your competitors. 



  • Convince your boss letterConvince your boss letter
    Need management approval or financial backing to attend the Customer Experience Transformation for Retail Conference? Our customisable letter will help!


  • Slow & Steady Wins the Customer: Thomas Reby from eBay on Getting Incremental Value Over Time from Knowledge Management Slow & Steady Wins the Customer: Thomas Reby from eBay on Getting Incremental Value Over Time from Knowledge Management

    Today’s retail environment is more competitive than ever before. In this podcast exclusive Thomas Reby, Global Head of Knowledge Management at eBay, shares his insights on utilising the benefits of knowledge management to improve the customer experience. Reby discusses how knowledge management can go beyond the organisation to forums and crowdsourcing and how a mind shift is required to truly gain the rewards of implementing knowledge management within a retail organisation. Finally Reby covers some of the key customer experience challenges and what he has learnt from developing a knowledge management strategy.

    Listen to the Podcast or Download the Transcript

  • Calling All Retailers: 5 Quick Wins to Enhance Your Customer Experience CapabilitiesCalling All Retailers: 5 Quick Wins to Enhance Your Customer Experience Capabilities
    The retail world is constantly evolving and consumer behaviour is changing at dramatic rate. To stay ahead retailers must recognise that customer experience is the most important driver of differentiation. In this exclusive interview Ian Golding, UK Ambassador of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA)  shares insights the challenges and opportunities on a post-2008 retail landscape and the successful strategies taken by some survivors of global recession. Golding  explains why customer experience will be the turnkey for the retail industry to recover. Download today to hear Golding's 5 quick wins to enhance customer experience capabilities.




  • Customer Experience in the Digital Age - Interview with Virgin MediaCustomer Experience in the Digital Age - Interview with Virgin Media
    Sean Risebrow, Director of Customer Experience for Virgin Media discusses the focus of Virgin Media's net promoter programme on making certain that everybody listens to the voice of the customer and takes action on that feedback.
  • Building the business case

    In this interview Curtis Bingham, CCO Council, discusses 'Building the business case for customer experience' using customer insight and data to appeal to the executive board by demonstrating one of three factors; increasing revenue, decreasing cost or mitigating risk


  • Customers Prefer Good Value to Fast, Friendly Service; 4 Facts About How We Shop
    Few would dare insinuate that efficient, friendly customer service is anything less than a cornerstone of an effective shopping experience.  At fast-food and fast-casual restaurants, for example, there are indications that quality service has a more pronounced effect on the customer experience than even the taste of the food. Read more here
  • Retail Customer Experience Set to Change
    In a deal seen as potentially game-changing for major retailers, Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, has acquired Kosmix, a social media monitoring and analysis company. Reports put the price tag of Wednesday’s purchase at $300 million. The real price, though, could be that paid by other do-all retailers like Kmart and Target, who may be forced to play catch up. Read more here
  • For Omni-Channel Customers, The Computer is Now a Fitting Room
    The rise of multi-channel is certain. The manifestation of a multi-channel strategy on the customer experience is decidedly less so.
  • Retailers Create Own Mobile Device to Cut Shopping Time, Check Out
    Mobile purchasing is definitely on the increase. Analysts indicate that businesses are following suit, developing mobile apps and websites to facilitate the practice. Some retailers have branched out, though, to offer something else – their own mobile devices, available for customers to use in-store – indicating a potential new way to cater to the mobile customer.
  • Why Social Media Matters in Customer Complaint Management
    There’s a lot of debate around social networking and the impact it can have on an organization’s customer service reputation.  In the high profile area of complaints management, what is it that makes social media an important factor?

    This article looks at why business executives need to take social media seriously when considering investment in complaints management.